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Hollywood CPA Firm Equipped With In-House Tax Attorney

Hollywood, FL cpa firm and tax attorneyHollywood is a principle city in the South Florida Metropolitan area, and one of the locations where Acosta Tax & Advisory, PA, has established its services. Our team is equipped with three strong professionals who have extensive knowledge and successful experience in helping companies and individuals resolve their tax and business issues. Julio Acosta is the business founder and the company’s Certified Public Accountant; he works with tax attorneys and a former IRS collection agent who has 25 years of experience in the process of IRS tax debt collections and tax audit process.

Together we focus the efforts of the CPA firm to three main areas:

  • Business Services (incorporation, accounting, payroll, bookkeeping)
  • Tax Debt Resolution (installment agreement, offers in compromise, etc)
  • Tax Audits/Examinations

The accountants and tax attorney at Acosta Tax & Advisory, PA, offer a free initial consultation to anyone who wants to learn more about the services we offer. Call us today at 954-744-1264 to schedule your appointment at our Hollywood office.

Business Accountant in Hollywood, FL

At Acosta Tax & Advisory, PA, our business CPA is experienced in helping local small businesses get their start on the right foot.

  • Business Incorporation (in Hollywood) – It is important to incorporate your business to protect both your business and personal assets; and by registering you could also take advantage of potential tax benefits.
    • Our accountant also provides the following business services:

    • Business Consultation
    • Monthly Bookkeeping and Payroll
    • Business Tax Preparation
    • Profit and Loss Statements

Tax Attorney and IRS Tax Resolution Services in Hollywood, FL

With a strong track record of successfully representing clients against the IRS and the Florida Department of Revenue (DOR), the CPAs and Tax Attorney at Acosta Tax & Advisory, PA, are always ready to help clients get their financial life back on track. Facing the IRS or the DOR can bring unwanted stress upon anyone, and trying to take on the case alone can be confusing and time consuming. At Acosta Tax & Advisory, PA, we offer both tax debt resolution services and IRS representation for tax audits and examinations.

  • Tax Debt Resolution:
    We help both individuals and businesses that have unfiled tax returns and who are struggling to pay back taxes. Ignoring your tax issues and failing to pay back the IRS will lead to further tax penalties and interests, and can authorize the IRS to take action by seizing your personal assets such as home, car and even wage garnishments.
    • Our Hollywood Tax Attorney and former IRS Collections Agent can help with the following tax debt services:

    • Offers in Compromise
    • Installment Agreement
    • Penalty Abatement
    • Innocent Spouse Relief
    • Currently Not Collectible
  • Tax Audits and Tax Examinations:
    A notice for audit means the IRS reviewed your tax return and needs further documentation of proof for certain claims made. There are different types of tax notices/audits that the IRS may request (CP2000, correspondence audit, etc.) and a consultation with our CPA or Tax Attorney can help clear up the severity of your case. Choosing to ignore a notice for tax audit or tax examination can lead the IRS to open up investigation to previous years and make you susceptible to further tax liabilities.

    We understand the complexities that can come hand-in-hand with any IRS case and ignoring your IRS problems can bring further tax liabilities, penalties and interests. We invite you to contact Acosta Tax & Advisory, PA, to receive experienced legal counsel on your tax resolution needs.

    Experienced Hollywood, FL CPA Firm with Tax Attorney on Staff

    If you are in the city of Hollywood, FL and are in need of business or tax resolution services, contact the accountants and tax attorney of Acosta Tax & Advisory, PA at 954-744-1264 to schedule your free consultation today.

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