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Fort Lauderdale CPA Firm with Tax Attorney

Fort Lauderdale cpa firm and tax attorneyNamed after a series of forts built by the U.S. during the Second Seminole War, Fort Lauderdale has grown to be one of the top metropolitan cities for tourism in South Florida; and where Acosta Tax & Advisory, PA has come to provide business and tax resolution services to the residents nearby. Our team consists of Julio Acosta, a Certified Public Accountant with over 12 years of experience; an in-house Tax Attorney with successful handle on helping resolve IRS tax issues; and an ex-IRS collections agent with 25 strong years of experience in handling IRS tax debt collections and tax audits.

Our team of business and tax experts focuses on the following services:

  • Business Services
  • Tax Debt Resolution
  • Tax Audits and Tax Examinations

We invite you to call our Hollywood CPA firm at 954-745-0591, to schedule your initial consultation to further discuss the above services with either our CPA or Tax Attorney.

Fort Lauderdale Business Accountant

We enjoy working alongside businesses and helping them grow their success by handling the accounting aspect for them. Our business CPA at Acosta Tax & Advisory, PA is here to help businesses of all sizes (small and medium) get started on the right foot.

This include services such as:

  • Business Consultation and Incorporation: Helping you choose which form of business entity is best for your business needs.
  • Monthly Bookkeeping and Payroll
  • Business Tax Preparation
  • Profit and Loss Statements

In-House Fort Lauderdale Tax Attorney for IRS Tax Issues

Our tax professionals have a strong professional background to help provide clients with knowledgeable counsel when it comes to resolving their IRS and/or Florida Department of Revenue tax issues. Our goal as your tax representative is to help eliminate your stress by dealing with the IRS on your behalf directly and to get your financial life back in order by offering the following services:

  • Tax Debt Relief:
    We can help you get up to date with unfiled tax returns and we can negotiate with the IRS to help you get an installment plan if you owe any back taxes. It is important to understand that not filing tax returns is a crime and can lead to imprisonment for every year left unfiled. Failure to pay back taxes can authorize the IRS to take action by seizing your personal assets as a form of repayment for the money that is owed.
    • Our Fort Lauderdale Tax Attorney can help you with the following:

    • Unfiled Tax Returns
    • Offers in Compromise
    • Installment Agreement
    • Penalty Abatement
    • Innocent Spouse Relief
    • Currently Not Collectible
  • Tax Audits and Tax Examinations:
    No one wants to face the IRS and receiving a notice for an upcoming audit can be bring stress upon anyone. A tax audit means that the IRS is requesting further documentation to show proof of certain reports made on your individual or business tax return. Consulting with a CPA or Tax Attorney should be the first step taken when you receive a notice for audit to evaluate the type and consider your next steps. If you choose to ignore these tax notices, it spark further suspicion and lead the IRS to open up further investigation to previous tax years.

Avoid costly penalties and interest charges that can come when ignoring your tax issues. We can help find the best solution for your IRS tax problems – contact us today to receive experienced legal counsel.

Business and Tax Resolution Services in Fort Lauderdale

If you are in the city of Fort Lauderdale and are in need of business or tax resolution services, contact the CPAs and tax attorney of Acosta Tax & Advisory, PA at 954-745-0591