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IRS Tax Audit Process

A Taxpayer’s Guide to Undergoing a Tax Examination The IRS tax audit process is one that every taxpayer should be familiar with, especially if you had self-employment expenses/deductions or received a tax refunds in the past. Even the most simple tax audit, if not handled properly, can result in you owing money to the IRS […]

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Which Tax Records to Keep in Case of An IRS Audit

Helpful Tips for Consolidating Your Tax and Financial Records With the end of every tax season comes an addition to a growing pile of financial records—bills, receipts and other miscellaneous tax documents—and many taxpayers find themselves looking at a much needed post-tax spring cleaning. This article will help you determine which tax and financial records […]

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How To Survive A Florida Sales Tax Audit

Obtaining the Necessary Information and Representation to Aid Your Upcoming Audit So, your business has received notice of an impending audit; though the experience can be daunting for any taxpayer regardless of the circumstance, one must understand the necessary steps needed to ensure that you survive a Florida sales tax audit unscathed. First and foremost, […]

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