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3 Ways to Lower your Business Tax Bill:

Legal Tricks to Maximize your Business Tax Opportunities Business tax preparation can be just as daunting for a business owner as it is for an individual taxpayer. Business tax laws are complex, and it’s often wise to consult with a tax attorney or tax accountant. With several taxes to take into consideration, a business can […]

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How To Survive A Florida Sales Tax Audit

Obtaining the Necessary Information and Representation to Aid Your Upcoming Audit So, your business has received notice of an impending audit; though the experience can be daunting for any taxpayer regardless of the circumstance, one must understand the necessary steps needed to ensure that you survive a Florida sales tax audit unscathed. First and foremost, […]

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Deducting Car Mileage

How Much Mileage Can I Deduct If My Employer Does Not Reimburse Me? If your employer does not reimburse your gas mileage there are several ways to claim it in your tax deductions. Some employers provide a company car for their employees, but many do not and the employees must use their personal vehicle for […]

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